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About Profound

Profound are experts in both B2B and B2C e-commerce with demonstrable commercetools client deployments and a high calibre team spanning architecture design, technical delivery, data strategy and award winning UX design. Profound puts customer experience “front and centre”. Profound uses this to intelligently help your stakeholders to understand the value of each project. This includes business stakeholders as well as technical teams – which ensures your headless project has full business-wide support.


Profound specializes in experience design, headless ecommerce, PIM, DAM, CMS, CDP implementations, customer research, data strategies, enterprise architecture and conversion rate optimisation.

Their services include:

  • Experience Design
  • Experience Implementation (Development & Integration)
  • Digital Optimasation & Support
  • Strategy, Data & Research


The experience and knowledge you have added to our project team has been immense and I do not doubt that we wouldn’t be where we are now without you. What we have all achieved over the course of this year on this project has been nothing short of monumental! To have created and launched the full tech stack we have in 9 months is truly amazing.
Nathan Young

IT Director + Interflora UK

We knew that delivering a better B2B Customer Experience would need a successful strategic digital transformation. Profound were invaluable in helping us create this experience, from their use of customer insight to the technical implementation. The use of customer evidence combined with a technical proof of concept gave us greater certainty and confidence in all our decisions, particularly as we were considering a modern headless architecture. It’s rare you find a trusted partner like Profound with a passionate focus on the customer experience and the matching technical vision and capability to implement it. It also helps that they’re actually really easy to work with.
Marco Maccio

Digital Director + Horizon Platforms

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