At commercetools, we use many tools and technologies that have been published under an OpenSource license. For example, our search is built using Elasticsearch; we use MongoDB for data storage, and the list could go on and on. Our developers like to be able to look behind the curtains – and as a software provider, this enables us to move forward quickly, build an innovative commerce platform, and support our customers.
As a consequence, we try to open-source as much of our daily work as possible and give things back to the community – as so many great companies such as Netflix (SimianArmy), Facebook (GraphQL, React) and Google (Angular) have done before. Generally speaking, everything that sits on top of our cloud-based platform and that consumes our APIs is freely available, like our various SDKs (JVM, PHP) as well as our Sunrise Quickstart Template. This gives people the chance to test the applications as well as to introduce new ideas and features themselves.

Introducing: The InStore-App


The latest addition to our growing number of OpenSource projects is our In-Store app. Using a very lightweight interface, it allows shop assistants to review sales and other important KPIs. They can also access customer orders, check inventory for different stores and also recommend similar products to customers (for a full list of features, take a look at the documentation). In other words, it is quite a handy tool allowing for an integration of online and offline channels, which is important for a successful  omnichannel strategy.
The app is based on node.js and runs on top of the commercetools platform. This means: Every product, every customer, every order that’s stored in this particular customer project on the platform can be accessed via the app through our API. Merchants just need to login with their credentials and are ready to provide a smooth shopping experience to their customers. And should they decide they need a slightly different way of arranging the information: well, it’s OpenSource, right?
We have a lot more projects in the pipeline, stay tuned and take a look at our commercetoolsLabs and our Github page once in a while.