The commercetools Certification Program gives commercetools professionals the opportunity to validate their knowledge and skills by earning either a standard level or advanced level certification. Launched at the beginning of this month, we are pleased to congratulate six developers and six specialists of our partner dotSource as well as our customer Electronic Partner on the passed certification.
The new certification program gives employees of partners, such as developers and PMs the opportunity to run the standard or advanced qualification program, focusing on platform knowledge. Within the standard level, a commercetools Certified Specialist has the in-depth knowledge of the commercetools platform and the dependencies and architecture of its resources and is able to extend its functionalities. In addition to the abilities of a Certified Specialist, a commercetools Certified Solution Developer has to master one of commercetools’ SDKs (JVM, PHP, or .NET). Advanced Level certifications will launch mid-2018.
The program was built on a strong framework supported by partner feedback. Throughout the last year, commercetools has maintained strong relationships with its partners and listened to them and their needs and desires. Thus, the initiative has been triggered by requests from partners. A certified partner is not only a “more” trusted partner in some way. The program is also a way of evaluating the knowledge of the developers. As Dirk Weckerlei, Head of Partner Management at commercetools puts it:

As we refine the program continuously, we make sure that we and our partners work closely together to enhance our propositions – empowering commerce teams to design unique and engaging digital commerce experiences everywhere, today and in the future. We look forward to having strong and productive relationships

For commercetools, the partner certification program is an integral piece to its success as a business, and we’re continually striving to improve our offering of support and incentives to help our partners to grow hand in hand.