I don’t know about you, but some of the brands and retailers I visit online have product pages  that are so exquisitely photographed, pages that are so stunningly fresh and eye-catching, and editorial content that is so astoundingly rich – I want to buy whatever they’re selling! It could be clothing, it could be puppy leashes…and I don’t even own a dog! The point being, pretty much anything can have mass appeal as long as marketing teams are given the tools and flexibility to be creative, try new strategies, and make updates in real time to match the speed of the market.

So, we know that the frontend of an ecommerce site is very important for attracting new customers, keeping them engaged, and ultimately driving sales. We also know that in most organizations the digital marketing team owns the frontend, using some kind of content management system (CMS) or digital experience platform (DXP). A feature-rich DXP will provide extensive, omnichannel support that can bring any marketing team’s ideas and innovations to life. For example, our partner BloomReach.

Now with the retail industry undergoing a major digital transformation, we’re seeing the shift for many organizations begin on their frontend – oftentimes in the form of decoupling the front and back-ends to enable greater agility and flexibility. Marketing teams are being given big dollars to create beautiful new content and product displays that will pull in customers from Google, social media, and any other shopping channel you can think of. However, while this content might be inspiring and engaging, what happens when the user decides to make a purchase and everything else falls apart? It doesn’t matter if a brand or retailer has the prettiest pages on Earth or the best sale of the season – if the commerce functionality on the back-end is old, slow and inflexible it leads to a broken shopping experience, and ultimately the loss of a sale.  HERE ENTERS: commercetools. HERE ENTERS: A content-driven commerce strategy.

commercetools revolutionizes the enterprise ecommerce platform market with an API-first, cloud-native solution that reduces complexity and increases both flexibility and speed for omnichannel brands and retailers. Because our commerce solution is headless, it can be integrated with any front-end or DXP – delivering a best-of-breed approach that is best suited for enterprise brands and retailers looking to compete in this rapidly evolving market. If you use commercetools, your marketing team won’t be slowed down by the inflexibility of the IT team.

Want to see what we’re talking about LIVE? Visit us at our Shoptalk Innovation Bar, Booth 4618 in Las Vegas, March 3-5th! Joining us in the booth will be our partners Authentic and BloomReach, who will be demonstrating how they used commercetools to help implement a content-driven commerce strategy for our customer, high-end denim and apparel brand PAIGE. They will also be demonstrating the soon-to-be announced commercetools Starter Store – a solution for retailers who want to move to a best of breed content+commerce approach quickly.