Founded in 1763, C.H.Beck is not only one of the oldest and most traditional publishing houses in Germany, but also the market leader in publications for the legal profession. After about 15 years of development, the eCommerce platform was somewhat outdated and additional developments were increasingly tedious and costly. Beyond that, C.H. Beck wanted to use more standard technologies to better benefit from market developments.
Today, C.H.Beck can undoubtedly keep up with “hip” start-ups – not only when. It comes to the keywords “cloud” and “microservices”.

Together with the digital agency dotSource, C.H.Beck migrated the beck-shop to a smart mix of existing applications from the commercetools platform and individual microservices.

We visited Carl Heinze, Project Manager eCommerce, and Patrik Holz, Manager beck-shop, at the Munich headquarters and the Beck’sche Druckerei at the publishing house’s former headquarters in Nördlingen to find out:

  • Why did they decide on a relaunch?
  • How did the migration from an outdated monolith to the commercetools platform go?
  • What are the results?
  • And what are the next steps?

For more insight, please read the case study.