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commercetools speaker image Brad Soo
Brad Soo
March 2021

At commercetools, we’re proud to be the leading commerce platform for our numerous, well-known enterprise customers.

We handle high volumes of traffic well, with huge influxes during peak times of the year like Black Friday being a testament to how scalable our platform and infrastructure are. Of course, there’s plenty of activity happening backstage too.

Our customers can have hundreds or thousands of employees making countless entries, changes and more through our robust Merchant CenterAPIs and other tools. Keeping up with that constant movement and ensuring the right actions are done by the right people can be challenging – but not anymore thanks to our new Audit Log feature!

commercetools new Audit Log

How our Audit Log helps

Our new Audit Log gives you a log of activities made within your project, so you can view changes made to individual entities (creation, deletion and edits), who made them, and when and which tool was used. This provides an excellent overview for you to be able to audit what’s happened and when, letting you contextualize information to understand and optimize workflows based on the behavior of users in your organization. It also allows you to manage projects more efficiently while ensuring data within your project is high-quality and accurate, so you can save costs in the long run.

By default, the Audit Log lets you view the last 100,000 records originating from within the Merchant Center, with those changes viewable in a filterable table. The Audit Log API also lets you pull those records with full filtering capabilities anywhere in your deployment. This means you can have a custom-made external dashboard or management system that you can use to view your commerce-related activities and changes.

The Audit Log Premium version

new audit log

In case you’d like to do more, the Premium version of Audit Log makes an already useful tool even more powerful for your enterprise by vastly increasing viewable records to 500 million and widening change logging coverage to include the Merchant Center, platform APIs and the Impex tool! Retention time of records are also increased to three years in the Premium version, versus one year for Audit Log Basic.

Audit Log Premium comes in handy as the large number of viewable records and longer retention time help you undergo compliance audits smoothly while saving time when it comes to finding the information you need. It’s an essential feature in a world of increased scrutiny on businesses, growing data and privacy laws, and where digital paper trails have become a necessity.

Audit Log is now a live feature and you can start using it already in the Merchant Center. To upgrade to Audit Log Premium, which comes at an additional fee, get in touch with our customer success team. And discover more about the platform features that make commercetools a market leader in our Feature Guide

commercetools speaker image Brad Soo
Brad Soo
March 2021

Brad joined commercetools after 7 years of being in product-centric roles in the tech industry and was previously working for a leading headless CMS vendor.

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