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Direct Benefits for Businesses

Take your digital commerce to new heights. With commercetools as your eCommerce solution, your business will reap tangible business benefits — without forced dependence on monolithic platforms.

Business benefits


Monolith platforms

Full control

Brands look and feel unique and differentiate from their competitors.

Create rich, differentiated customer experiences in the frontend.

Designs appear homogoneous and interchangeable.


Compose a customized tech stack from a large ecosystem of thoroughly vetted partners.

Build and customize by choosing the best components. Don’t like a feature? Then replace it with ease.

All-in-one packages mean being stuck with features that aren't suitable or relevant.

Fast time-to-market

IT teams can support new business ideas and improvements with agility.

Modify the customer journey in an hour, release a new promotion in a day or add a new channel in a week.

Adapting and innovating quickly is difficult with an inflexible platform.

Lower costs

No infrastructure maintenance costs, and agile releases mean always being up to date with the latest features.

Say goodbye to expensive upgrades and replatforming.

Expensive, disruptive and risky upgrades are the norm.

Zero risks

Try out different templates and experiences, without slowing down time to market.

Experiment endlessly without risking uptime.

Rapid iteration risks downtime, broken customer experiences and lost revenue.

High-performance scalability

No downtime or glitches during traffic spikes like Black Friday or the winter holiday season.

Rock-solid performance and scalability empowering growth plans.

Inherent limitations make it difficult to offer auto-scaling and reliability.

No vendor lock-in

Easily change components, such as PIM, CMS or payments, according to business needs.

Control your digital destiny and swap out vendors easily.

Restricted options for third-party solutions.

Turn every touchpoint into a sales channel

Adding different touchpoints, from chatbots to smart appliances, is simple.

Enable all of today's channels...and tomorrow's.

Extremely difficult to have more than one version of an application deployed at one time.