commercetools Certification

commercetools Certification Badge

commercetools Certified experts participated in commercetools training sessions and have demonstrated standard knowledge to work in a team delivering a commercetools project.

Exam Settings

- 100 minutes
- 60 questions
- Open-book
- Online
- Multiple-choice
- Prerequisite: proven complete attendance of an official commercetools training
- Required pass rate: 80% correct answers
- Registration closes the Friday before the exam date

Offered Certifications

- commercetools Composable Commerce Functional Architect,
- commercetools Composable Commerce Developer,
- commercetools Frontend Developer

Why should I get a commercetools certification?

  • Test your knowledge and skills

  • Obtain feedback on your learning progress

  • Add a recognized badge to your LinkedIn, Meetup, or Xing account

  • Demonstrate your excellence and professionalism

  • Obtain higher wages and attract better project participation

  • Support your development team

  • Participate in different exams targeting developers and architects

Preparation Guidelines

  • Review all use case scenarios presented during training

  • Answer the sample quiz questions used in the training review sessions

  • Get yourself familiar with the structure and composition of the official documentation (

  • Answer the questions based solely on your confirmed knowledge or the information found in the official documentation

  • Rewrite all coding exercises used in the training (developer certifications only)

  • Have a proper setup so that you can quickly access the official documentation websites

  • Have a toy project ready in your preferred IDE to quickly verify presented code snippets (developer certifications only)

  • Adhere to the commercetools AI usage policy during training and certification

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