commercetools Professional Certification

commercetools Certification Professional Certification

commercetools Certified Professional experts have proven evidence of participation in successful project delivery and demonstrated advanced knowledge related to commercetools concepts and frameworks.

Exam Settings

- 90 minutes
- 60 questions
- Open-book
- Online
- Multiple choice
- Prerequisite: proven participation of the successful commercetools project delivery
- Required pass rate: 80% correct answers
- Registration closes the Friday before the exam date

Offered Certifications

- commercetools Certified Professional Java Developer
- commercetools Certified Professional .NET Developer
- commercetools Certified Professional JavaScript Developer
- commercetools Certified Professional PHP Developer

Why should I get a Professional certification?

  • Test your knowledge and skills

  • Stand out in a highly competitive market

  • Add a recognized badge to your LinkedIn, Meetup or Xing account

  • Demonstrate your advanced excellence and professionalism

  • Obtain higher wages and attract better project participation

  • Be able to support and lead your development team

  • Participate in different exams targeting developers and architects

Preparation Guidelines

  • Review all use case scenarios presented during training

  • Answer the sample quiz questions used in the training review sessions

  • Be very familiar with the structure, composition and search results of the official documentation (

  • Study the advanced technical sections of the official documentation

  • Review all release notes of the last year related to the commercetools platform, Merchant Center and import API

  • Answer the questions based solely on your confirmed knowledge or the information found in the official documentation

  • Rewrite all coding exercises used in the training (developer certifications only)

  • Have a proper setup so that you can quickly access the official documentation websites

  • Have a toy project ready in your preferred IDE to quickly verify presented code snippets (developer certifications only)

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