Declaration of consent for processing of personal data regarding marketing operations

commercetools GmbH ("commercetools"), as Controller, plans to process personal data (here: Contact information, device data, behavioral data, job related data (together the "Data")) for the recording and execution of certain marketing activities. The marketing activities consist of the collection, storage, contacting, evaluation, analysis, sharing and monetization of the Data by commercetools. In this context, commercetools has entered into agreements with marketing partners for the exchange of the Data for specific marketing activities. These marketing activities include the following and may also be subject to an exchange with our marketing partners:

  • Recording of usage behavior in the context of the documents / information provided by commercetools, for the purpose of determining personal preferences and focal points of interest, as well as for optimizing the information sent and other promotional addresses. In particular, the following events are recorded: The opening of an e-mail (newsletter), calls to links contained in the e-mail, as well as the submission of web forms that were called up via a link in a newsletter. (Clickstream)

  • Capture of referrals made, the content of the referrals, through which channels these referrals were made (email, social media, etc.), and whether and how recipients of referrals respond to them.

  • Recording of type, model, screen resolution, as well as various other information of the end devices used for retrieval. (Fingerprinting)

  • Recording of the approximate location at the time of retrieval. (Geolocation)

  • Contacting

I hereby consent that for the mentioned purposes my Data will be processed.

This declaration of consent is voluntary. I can refuse to give my consent accordingly without the fear of any disadvantages resulting from the refusal. I can at any time withdraw my consent in text form (e.g. by e-mail The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. My Data will be deleted and not further processed for the stated purposes accordingly after receipt of my revocation by commercetools.

For further information please read our privacy notice.