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About Cabiri

Cabiri are a team of highly experienced, eCommerce experts. They specialize in building headless, serverless eCommerce solutions, using an agile and test-driven development approach. To accelerate delivery they developed Ashiba, a serverless framework of tools that simplify the headless approach.

Cabiri have worked with commercetools since 2017, together providing solutions that promote a best-of-breed retail platform for their clients. They deliver highly scalable systems that meet their client's expectations at peak periods, able to process millions of transactions.


Cabiri offers eCommerce consultancy in the headless/MACH space, through to a full systems integration team. The Cabiri team focuses on taking a full-stack approach to development across their agile squads.

Cabiri has partnered with AWS and follows the AWS Well Architected guidelines for projects, and can provide knowledge across the AWS toolset.

  • eCommerce
  • Headless
  • Cloud
  • Payment Solutions
  • Agile Delivery
  • Serverless
  • Microservices


Cabiri’s expertise enabled us to go from whiteboard to alpha in under 4 weeks. All of our launch merchants were really surprised by how quickly they were able to implement and test the solution, but also iterate on it according to their needs.

Cabiri were a great fit for our requirements and a better fit to our core principles and ways of working. The leadership team were engaging, respectful, honest and direct about the services they could provide. Their experience was key to the project we were delivering and our initial proof of concept was a success only due to their involvement.

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    Solution Partner / Systems Integrator

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