Type: Technology Partner
Website: www.coremedia.com


Germany – HQ
CoreMedia AG
Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 18
20459 Hamburg

United States
CoreMedia Corporation
1001 N. 19th Street, Suite 1200
Arlington, VA 22209

Other Countries:
United Kingdom

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About CoreMedia

CoreMedia Content Cloud. Be Iconic.
Take content to the next level with the CoreMedia Content Cloud.

React to market trends instantly and stay ahead of the competition. Create and manage iconic Omni-Channel experiences by seamlessly blending e-Commerce and content:
* Real-Time Integration of Product Catalog, Pricing and Promotions. No duplication of data or manual copy&paste
* Design experiences with drag & drop on home page, category, product, promotion, landing and content pages
* Make and publish changes instantly
* Maintain regionalized & localized content easily with sophisticated translation workflows
* Manage your digital assets in one place with automatic optimized conversion for all channels
* Real-time omni-channel preview on your desktop
* Mix content and products freely
* Make content and assets shoppable: Create shoppable banners, promotions, videos, blog articles
* Engage and convert your users by providing unique hyperpersonalized, high-touch experiences. Be iconic!


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