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3044 BC Rotterdam


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About DotControl

We are DotControl, a full-service digital agency helping ambitious companies unlock their growth potential by developing future-proof brands, business models, products, platforms and campaigns. We do this by blending creativity, data, innovation and technology.
“Future-proof” means “human-centric” that’s why we put “human” in the centre of our work. All our projects start with a solid market and audience research. This way we ensure that any digital work we deliver brings real long-lasting value to the right groups of people and contributes to positive future (in a social and environmental sense).
We also support our clients by getting their technical infrastructure ready for scaling, innovating or flexible reporting (e.g. setting up microservice architecture, data lakes, CDPs and more).
We worked with a bunch of happy clients like: National Geographic, Smint, APG, Dura Vermeer, Arega and many more!