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commercetools Partner Logo Enginiety


ENGINIETY leverages commerce technology to the best advantage of your business.
Driven by strong engineering values and built on unique team expertise ENGINIETY delivers commerce technology for European market leaders. ENGINIETY is your trusted partner in designing, building and maintaining complex commerce platforms with a clear goal of advancing your business.
ENGINIETY provides support to evaluate, choose and implement commerce, PIM, DXP, CMS and DAM solutions to build up a consistent, flexible and future-proof system architecture.


ENGINIETY offers full set of services required to establish, develop and maintain sophisticated commerce platforms:

  • consulting & advisory
  • business analysis
  • solution architecture
  • UI / UX design
  • software development
  • QA
  • DevOps
  • App Support

The primary focus is on the transformation of legacy monoliths into modern composable commerce.


ENGINIETY unlocked almost unlimited possibilities to reuse all the tools we have in hand in our pursuit for the best-in-class customer experience.
We have got great confidence in ENGINIETY that supported us to develop a plan, explained potential profits to our business and then guided us through the whole process.
Adrian Mazurek

Head of eCommerce + TUI Poland

ENGINIETY delivered solution that opened up unlimited creativity for the frontend without the risk of introducing errors on the side of the commerce engine. This is absolutely crucial for our continuous effort to improve customer experience. The new architecture allows for a faster release cycle and parallelization of backend and frontend work.
Hubert Ciechomski

Head of Portal Development + Play

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