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About Incentro

Incentro delivers innovative digital solutions, grounded by passion and happiness of employees, Incentronauts. 340 Incentronauts worldwide (The Netherlands, Spain, Kenya) are helping organizations to reach their digital goals.

Based on the maturity of clients, they setup an e-commerce environment which enables customers to deliver an awesome shopping journey and drive growth. They deliver a full range of services from strategy until conversion optimization for B2C and B2B focussed companies.

Their project approach is focussed on the following stages:

  1. define: setup of project goals, scope and organisation
  2. content & design: UX, visual design and prototyping
  3. development: delivery of the platform, setup of microservices and API based integrations
  4. run: daily operation of the platform, functional application maintenance
  5. optimize: conversion optimization and data driven commerce

With help of their services, they help clients reach e-commerce ambitions in terms of revenue and digital maturity. They prefer to work on site (at the client) with shared project goals and KPI’s.

Incentro has trained more than 20 developers and has a strong (international) project experience which enables them to provide a Commercetools project from A – Z.

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