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About Kruso

We have delivered commerce solutions since the very beginning and offer some of the industry’s strongest specialist and development teams.
What is commerce really about? Like with all other business, we believe commerce is about happy customers – because they buy more.
From formulation of a solid business case and UX, to technical development and continuous improvement, we keep the user at heart of what we do. It is all about defining epic customer moments, catching every single touch-point and turn it into a great experience. We believe that every interaction with your customers holds barriers we can meet and possibilities we can fulfil – always with an increased conversion in mind.
Throughout the years we have played our part in numerous commerce solutions global/local, B2B and B2C, luxury goods as well as FMCG. We know how to navigate the almost endless field of options, and in the end create a commerce experience that does the trick and supports your business case end to end.

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