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About Logixal Inc

With core focus on mission critical B2B/B2C Enterprise Systems, our Team has deep expertise on the Business Domain, Industry Trends, Business Challenges, Legacy platforms & Transformation requirements to Composable Commerce for delivering next-gen CX.
Logixal's Micro-frontend Storefront enables enterprises to Deliver Superior CX through Decoupled UI and leverage Best-of-Breed composable commerce platforms.
We have augmented 3+ industry leading Platform development teams and built in-house AI/ML Experience Engine. Our pre-built commercetools integration empowers enterprises to deliver engaging and self-evolving personalized CX to Customers, Business users and Service agents.


We provide 360 SI services from Inception-to-Realization for Establishing Commerce Strategy, Implementations, Care, UX/UI (micro front-end, NextJs, React) to commercetools enterprise customers. Our cloud native custom solutions are built on an Open Source based micro-services frameworks and technologies (Scala, Kafka, Spark, NoSQL DB...). We provide services to establish Performance Instrumentation and Improvements.

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