Type: Solution Partner
Website: www.medialounge.co.uk


Media Lounge
First Floor, 8-10 Christchurch Road
Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 3NA, UK

Media Lounge is an award winning full service UK eCommerce agency with best in class user experience and conversion.

With over 16 years as eCommerce specialists, we have a proven track record creating experience focussed, beautifully designed & technically advanced eCommerce solutions for medium enterprise clients. Our initial consultation deep dives into our clients business to fully understand every process and interaction, to ensure the solution compliments and enhances their business rather than works against it. We deliver eCommerce stores that are highly functional, but more importantly convert.

Our team of experienced, passionate and certified eCommerce professionals recognise the future of eCommerce lies with headless implementations using micro-services, but also cover all aspects of eCommerce including strategic planning, UX workshops and bespoke solution development.

Contact our solution architects today and start mapping out your solution to future proof your business.