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About rb2

rb2 builds e-commerce, subscription and loyalty platforms for everyone from SMEs to enterprise organizations – anyone with big ambitions. rb2 works closely with the customers; translating technical criteria into tangible solutions that deliver the impact and value they need. rb2's team of international experts create high-quality, fast, and scalable applications that any business can grow with. If your project needs a technical partner that is ahead of the curve, committed to your goals above all else, and determined to deliver – then you need rb2.


rb2 specializes in tailored technical projects, including e-commerce platforms, subscription models, and loyalty solutions. As a technical partner, we collaborate with our clients to transform challenges into concrete solutions. We deliver high-quality, secure, and fast applications that boast exceptional scalability, thanks to our extensive global development team. rb2 operates under Agile principles at all times, as we believe


rb2 responded to the growing need of customers for a personalized transaction and product information.
Maayk de Poorter

CEO, Lavazza

No one understood the complexity of our product. Until I spoke to the people at rb2 about it.
Bart van der Tol


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