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rb2 BV
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About rb2

rb2 is a technical development agency that helps customers from an issue into technical solutions and develops & integrates these solutions. With a total of more than 90 professionals, rb2 can put together multidisciplinary and scalable teams to take on a variety of technical issues and development projects.

rb2 creates and guides the development of these solutions from its office in the Netherlands (Purmerend) with a team of architects, technical consultants, lead developers, and delivery managers. The actual software development takes place (under direction from Purmerend) in its off-shore development centers in Portugal, China, and Nigeria.

rb2 is a trusted partner for greenfield developments. rb2 also guides and implements e-commerce, loyalty and/or subscription platforms. For example, rb2 invents and builds platforms for GoBear, Philips, LavAzza, Meetingselect, and T-Mobile, among others.