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About SQLI Digital Experience

Founded in 1990, SQLI Digital Experience is a European full-service digital company that defines, builds, and grows the digital business value of leading international brands. Comprised of technical and creative thinkers, we are committed to delivering meaningful and engaging experiences by leveraging technologies, methodologies, skills, and creativity, all to get closer to the customer or user and capture their attention. We design, develop, and deploy solid high-performing architectures that improve business agility, increase efficiencies, and facilitate business growth. We constantly search for the right balance between a cutting edge user experience and robust technology. Through our experience working with national and international market leaders – such as Carlsberg, Bridgestone, Miele, LVMH, Adidas and Airbus – we know how to make digital work for you.
With our 2,100 employees located in 13 countries – France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Morocco, Mauritius, and Dubai – we have the resources and expertise to support you in all your business needs and wishes.

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