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Audit Log

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Contextualize and optimize with Audit Log

Audit Log is a feature that provides a log of activities made within your projects, so you can see changes made to entities (creation, deletion and edits), who made them and when and which tool was used. Logs are available via an integrated Merchant Center view or through APIs.

By default, Audit Log gets you started with standard logging functionality that allows you to view the last 100,000 records originating from within the Merchant Center. These changes can be viewed in a filterable table or pulled via API with full filtering capabilities. Many of our customers use it for legal, compliance and audit purposes.

Get a bird’s eye view with Audit Log Premium

The available upgrade to Audit Log Premium vastly increases viewable records to 500 million and widens change logging coverage to include the Merchant Center, platform APIs and other tooling!

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Audit Log Premium is available at an additional fee. Upgrade by getting in touch with our customer success team.

*A record stores information about a change made in your project, with the associated metadata such as the date and user who made the change. Records are stored up to the viewable changes limit or retention timeframe, whichever comes first. After the record limit is reached, the oldest records are removed as new records are logged.