white paper blueprint for modern commerce

White Paper Blueprint for a Modern Commerce Architecture

by commercetools


About the White Paper

An overview of templates for deploying commercetools

Customers now expect commerce to come to them across many different touchpoints. Combined with the increasing pressure to reduce operational costs while requiring constant innovation, retailers are being forced to rapidly modernize their commerce architecture. Modern commerce requires the capabilities of the cloud and the flexibility of microservices to rapidly anticipate and respond to consumer behaviour. While enterprises realize the need, they often have limited budgets and limited knowledge of how to transform their architectures to a MACH approach. commercetools is meeting this need with the leading MACH commerce solution and a publicly available open-source Blueprint Architecture that allows enterprises to rapidly transform to modern commerce.

Key Takeaways

  • Keep pace with the demands of your customers and your executives.

  • Deploy innovative commerce faster.

  • Implement your commercetools project in as little as 6-8 weeks.

  • Create your own microservices-based commerce foundation so you can quickly move onto building innovative and unique shopping experiences across every channel for your customers.

  • Connect to frontend CMS and digital experience platforms, plus backend solutions like payment and ERP.


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