white paper evolution of modern commerce
White Paper

From Monolithic Platforms to Modern, Composable Commerce

by Enginiety and commercetools

white paper evolution of modern commerce

About the White Paper

Composable Commerce on the rise

While commerce suites have had a good run that lasted for over a decade, they have become increasingly irrelevant to serving modern-day commerce needs due to their monolithic internal architecture and legacy tech stacks. It had been in the making for a long time, but in just the last 3 years, the revolutionary changes that have occurred were finally reflected in analyst reports.

Unsurprisingly the balance of commerce market is shifting quickly towards distributed SaaS-based systems and modular architectures, recently described by analyst Gartner as "Composable Commerce". Looking forward, enterprises running commerce suites are well advised to revisit their strategies and plan on adopting this new architectural concept that is quickly becoming a staple in modern times.

Be prepared for your transition - carefree and smooth

This White Paper helps you understand the nature of the change by explaining the new paradigm, how it maps onto the well-known monolithic commerce suite, and as such, provide a base for setting up a transformation strategy.

Learn more about possible paths forward to modern Composable Commerce in the second part of this White Paper series.

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