white paper migrating from magento to commercetools

White Paper Migrating from Magento® to commercetools

by commercetools

commercetools White Paper: Migration from Magento to commercetools

About the White Paper

A 6-step framework for planning and executing a successful migration

Magento® was released in 2008 as an open-source commerce platform with multi-store functionality and plugin extensibility. Because of the complex nature and the strict architecture of the Magento platform, developers need to work with many different layers. However, to be successful in today's enterprise commerce landscape, brands and retailers must respond to the demands of modern consumers, which requires a commerce platform that's fast and agile. 

In this white paper, we look specifically at these 2 commerce vendors and suggest a strategy to move from Magento to commercetools. You will learn which steps are necessary in the migration process, how to build a migration roadmap, how to migrate data and how to deal with custom extensions and user interfaces.

Key Takeaways

  • Why the transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is so problematic.

  • How brands and retailers benefit from commercetools' modern Cloud architecture.

  • A six-step framework to help you plan and execute a successful migration.


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