IoT and Smart Devices

Make buying seamless and effortless on any device with modern commerce

Making purchases on any connected devices isn't just expected – it comes naturally to 21st century consumers.

Unlock the Power of Composable Commerce
commercetools IOT & Smart Devices effortless Shopping on any device

Did you know that… 65% of consumers have at least one smart home device in 2021?


Smart home devices increase convenience in a myriad of ways, including ordering of small or frequently used household items. Notably, commerce accessibility is greatly enhanced by voice assistants and one-touch ordering.

Let consumers order anywhere, anytime

As long as it’s internet-connected, even devices without a user interface can facilitate commerce – via one click or voice.

Save time and boost sales with smart shopping possibilities

Smart devices can remind consumers when an item is running low and give them new shopping ideas.

Create a consistent, on-brand shopping experience

Aligning your branding across every shopping interface on every device increases customer confidence and trust.

Commerce deployed immediately on any device with commercetools Increase sales by making commerce available everywhere

  • Commerce that supports user interfaces and voice/AR/VR
  • Enhance shopping by connecting with other home devices
  • Customize the look and feel to your business brand
  • Personalize shopping and make relevant suggestions
  • Create more revenue channels through convenient accessibility
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commercetools IOT & Smart Devices available on any device
of US internet users have used a voice assistant to purchase products
of U.S. households will leverage voice commerce by 2025
in voice shopping by 2022 ($40b vs $2b in 2018)

Unlimited possibilities of commerce on IoT and Smart Devices Make shopping as easy as 1, 2, 3

IoT and smart devices are meant to simplify life for consumers. This means they can appear in every nook of space and have varying interfaces that are as easy to use as possible. Modern commerce allows you to deploy to each one of them as a potential sales channel.

commercetools IOT & Smart Devices simplified Shopping
Headless is not just running the eCommerce website, it’s also about digital experiences. There’s potential to expand into voice, IoT, apps…there is so much technology coming in the next 2 to 5 years that this enables. That’s an important point.
Michael Ewald Hansen

eCommerce Director, Lakrids by Bülow