commercetools resiliency eBook

Creating customer confidence through resiliency

Top brands globally trust commercetools to provide consistent service availability and data recovery, enabling them to deliver nonstop commerce.

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commercetools resiliency eBook
We had a very high demand during COVID, and the fact that we were able to handle that scale. We had zero technology issues, [...] I feel like the proof is in the pudding. When things just work, and nobody complains about tech, that's the best experience.
Alex Shiferman


Resiliency is built into our DNA

commercetools has dedicated years to building a scalable, robust, and secure set of products that are resilient against issues and outages — regardless of the diverse set of geographical regions in which our customers conduct commerce. With our product-centric culture, we continually focus on ensuring the scalability, availability and resiliency of our products exceed current expectations and continually meet evolving needs.

commercetools resiliency

Building trust through transparency

commercetools Resiliency eBook was created to provide you with both an overview of how we ensure our products deliver the resiliency needed to support your business needs as well as the logic behind our approach.

Key takeaways:

  • How microservices, APIs, cloud, and headless (MACH®) principles fundamentally support resiliency 

  • Why commercetools multi-tenant approach delivers higher scalability and elasticity than single-tenant solutions

  • What our backup approach involves, and how it works with our recovery processes to deliver 99.99% uptime  

  • How our support services handle issue resolution and drive continuous improvement