Merchant Center Custom Applications Training

commercetools Training Custom Applications Developer Training

This 1-day course is designed to teach frontend developers how to extend the capabilities of the commercetools Merchant Center by developing a React.js application. An expert trainer will introduce all phases of building Merchant Center Custom Applications, including their development, deployment and registration. The learner will follow through hands-on exercises. Participants will utilize the Merchant Center Application Kit and UI Kit and demonstrate their use in various cases.

The course includes the full cycle of developing a Merchant Center Custom Application starting with a simple boilerplate template through deploying the extension and integrating it into your Merchant Center project.


- 7 hours in 1 day, both in-person as well as in virtual classroom trainings

Who should take this course?

- Functional and Technical Analysts and Leaders
- Frontend Developers
- Storefront Designers

This course teaches you to

  • Develop a Custom Application

  • Deploy a Custom Application

  • Register and use a Custom Application within the commercetools Merchant Center

Prerequisite skills

  • Solid JavaScript and frontend web development experience

  • Basic React.js knowledge

Course Contents

Getting to know Merchant Center

  • MC Architecture

  • MC Authentication

  • MC API Gateway

  • MC Proxy Endpoints

  • MC Custom Applications Architecture

Application shell 

  • Templates for your new custom application

  • How to deal with routing, components and localization

  • commercetools GraphQL Data Fetching

Use the commercetools UI Kit

  • Design components with similar look and feel to commercetools standard applications

  • Deploying your application

Example deployment of your custom application

  • Register your application within the merchant center

The training calendar is updated daily. If you do not find an open slot, wish to add a private class or would like to discuss additional, alternative dates, please contact the training department. We will get back to you very shortly.

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