Composable Commerce Functional Architect Training

commercetools Training Functional Architect Training

In the Functional Architect Training, participants learn how to use commercetools functionality to meet unique business requirements. They will get familiar with the commercetools approach to product data modeling, pricing, shipping, discounts and much more. They apply this knowledge to a set of complex hands-on use cases and practice designing data model and feature configuration solutions, so they can guide a team through their implementation.

The course contains many case study tasks that are solved in breakout groups of 2 to 3 people. The tasks are solved using the Merchant Center User Interface.


- 14 hours, split into 2 days in-person or 3 half-days for virtual classroom training
- 30 to 60 minutes given as homework and review tasks per day

Who should take this course?

- Functional and System Analysts
- Technical Consultants
- Project Leads
- Solution Architects
- Technical Management

This course teaches you to

  • Design and configure eCommerce solutions with key commercetools functionality, including products, prices and discounts

  • Create and manage resources in the commercetools business user interface (the Merchant Center)

  • Understand platform customization and extensibility options at a higher level

  • Apply acquired knowledge and best practices to typical industry standard use cases

Prerequisite skills

  • Some self-study knowledge of the commercetools platform

  • Good understanding of typical and advanced customer specific eCommerce business requirements

  • No programming skills required

Thanks for hosting such informative and engaging training sessions last week!
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Iteration Manager, Kmart Australia

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Course Contents

Getting to know commercetools

  • Introduction to commercetools

  • Functionality overview

  • Touchpoints and regions

  • The commercetools mindset

The Merchant Center

  • Understanding organizations 

  • Setting up projects

  • Creating teams and assigning permissions

  • Creating and managing resources

Products and Categories

  • Introduction to the commercetools product data model

  • Utilizing attribute data types

  • Creating appropriate product types, products and product bundles

  • Designing simple and advanced product models

  • Product tagging and grouping with categories

Customizing Resources

  • Using custom types to create customized fields

  • Using custom objects to store arbitrary data

Channels and Stores

  • Using channels to model supply chains

  • Creating inventories for stock level management

  • Creating stores for separating resources by location or brand

  • Discussing more complex commercetools project infrastructure setup


  • Understanding the commercetools pricing engine

  • Creating simple and advanced price models 

  • Using tiered pricing

  • Advanced external pricing strategies


  • Using carts and orders creating customized checkouts

  • Understanding tax, tax calculation and inventory modes

  • Understanding cart merging options

  • Designing simple and advanced shipping methods

Discounts and Promotions

  • Creating simple and advanced cart discounts

  • Creating simple and advanced product discounts

  • Connecting  discount codes to cart discounts

Technical Features Overview

  • Understanding search, filters, range filters and facet options while fetching product data

  • Using state machines for implementing custom workflows

  • Subscribing to messages to trigger asynchronous events

  • Designing API extensions for synchronous extension of commercetools features

  • Customizing the Merchant Center

  • Tips for implementation and deployment

The training calendar is updated daily. If you do not find an open slot, wish to add a private class or would like to discuss additional, alternative dates, please contact the training department. We will get back to you very shortly.

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