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In this course, participants revise their knowledge on how to use commercetools composable commerce functionality and the Java SDK to develop integrations with the commercetools composable commerce. The course reviews the needed range of technical concepts and best practices. The participants test their skills with the help of complex use cases and discuss different implementation scenarios. Intensive quizzes support the learner’s readiness for taking the commercetools certification test.


- 4.5 hours including two 15 minutes breaks
- this course requires independent self-study upfront
- on average our course attendees need 10 days of self-study prior to the course

Who should take this course?

- Software Developers
- Technical Team Leads
- Technical Solution Architects
- if you have already participated in the full course, there is no need to attend this one as well

This course prepares you for a commercetools certification test and tests your readiness regarding some of the following aspects

  • Create and maintain commercetools organizations and projects

  •  Use the Java SDKs to create, synchronize and maintain resources in commercetools projects using best practice patterns

  •  Understand and use platform customization and extensibility options

  •  Extend and configure commercetools projects programmatically to meet your own business needs

Prerequisite Skills

  • Extensive self-study to have acquired good knowledge of the commercetools Java SDK

  •  Basic understanding of typical and advanced customer specific eCommerce business requirements

Course Contents

Getting to know commercetools
  • Organizations and projects

  • Introduction to commercetools and the commercetools mindset

  • commercetools touchpoints

  • commercetools regions, organizations, projects

Resource Life Cycle

  • Introduction to the SDK being used in the course 

  • CRUD operations on resources

  • Authorization flows

Products and Resource Synchronization 

  • Products, product types and product variants

  • Product and project synchronization

  • Import API

  • Project synchronization

Carts, Orders and Checkout

  • Checkout and order creation

  • Channels, inventory information and state machines for implementation of business requirements and workflows

  • Product and cart discounts

  • commercetools payment API

Store Management and “me” API authorization

  • Store-based cart management 

  • “Me” endpoints for access from SPAs and native mobile apps

Search, Queries and Bulk Download  

  • Product search

  • Bulk export optimization

  • commercetools GraphQL

Extending commercetools

  • API extensions and message subscriptions

  • Custom types

  • Custom objects

Optional Topics

  • Deployment approaches and tradeoffs

  • Logging, error handling, performance considerations

  • The MACH initiative

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