commercetools Connect: A low-code integration platform

Experience the trifecta of speed, security and resilience with commercetools Connect

Ovidiu Cobzaru
Ovidiu Cobzaru
Product Marketing Manager - Technical Infrastructure & SI Alliances, commercetools
Published 09 February 2024
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Companies striving for digital excellence often grapple with complex integration challenges. The answer to these challenges lies in commercetools Connect — a breakthrough product that simplifies the integration process while elevating the speed, security and resilience of your eCommerce platform to new heights. 

commercetools Connect: A low-code integration platform

A high-performance eCommerce platform is the digital equivalent of a well-oiled machine — a force delivering exceptional customer experiences while ensuring seamless business processes. With its innovative approach to integration, commercetools Connect elevates the eCommerce experience by providing seamless connectivity to digital touchpoints, thus empowering businesses to scale rapidly without compromise.

With support included for five years post-purchase, commercetools Connect distinguishes itself through a comprehensive suite of integration services and tools, firmly establishing its role as a cornerstone in nurturing a dynamic eCommerce ecosystem. Embracing the "Commerce Integration as a Service" (CIaaS) concept, it leads the way in delivering turnkey integration solutions with cutting-edge efficiency.

Turbocharging speed

The need for speed in eCommerce is non-negotiable and the ability to swiftly adapt to market demands is crucial for success. commercetools Connect addresses the main customer issue of time-consuming integrations by significantly reducing the time and effort required. With pre-built (no code changes), enhanced (low-code/pre-built) or custom (custom-built) connectors, companies can streamline the installation of new commerce functions, transitioning from weeks to mere days.

Another aspect that resonates with businesses is the cost-effectiveness of commercetools Connect. As we take care of hosting and maintaining the connectors, our solution eliminates the high costs typically associated with hosting integrations independently. This not only enhances the speed of implementation but also ensures a more economical approach to integration processes.

Moreover, commercetools Connect enables faster time to market, cutting down the time for making integrations live dramatically, for both the initial setup and future required integrations. This acceleration in deployment enhances the overall efficiency of operations and provides a competitive edge.

Furthermore, commercetools Connect simplifies the installation and configuration phase with easy processes thanks to the availability to launch connectors from our business tooling, the Merchant Center. This further enhances the user experience, making it more convenient for businesses to implement and customize their commerce solutions. We also offer something that no other vendor does: The ability to develop tailored connectors that can go live in weeks with our custom-built option (in addition to our pre-built and enhanced connectors), allowing you to shape your connector to your specific needs.  

Security fortifications

Security is paramount in the digital landscape, especially when dealing with sensitive customer data and financial transactions. commercetools Connect addresses the main customer concern of security and performance risks by ensuring the stability of API execution with a managed runtime environment. This results in a guaranteed performance and an impressive uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.9%.

Another aspect of security is the ability for customers to build custom connectors to cater to their unique business needs. These custom connectors are validated and hosted by commercetools for reliability and performance. This not only adds an extra layer of security but also provides businesses with the flexibility to customize their integrations while maintaining a high level of trust and reliability.

Building blocks of resilience

Within the digital domain, businesses need solutions that are not only secure and fast but also resilient in the face of challenges. commercetools Connect addresses the need for resilience by empowering businesses to adapt and scale their commerce operations as required. The flexibility of selecting, adding and switching off certified connectors allows companies to respond to changing market conditions and customer demands with agility.

Additionally, commercetools Connect reduces the dependence on cloud computing expertise, with a 35% decrease in DevOps dependencies. This not only simplifies the integration process but also allows companies to focus on their core business functionalities rather than investing time and resources in upskilling teams with cloud computing skills.

Partners in progress: The commercetools Connect advantage

commercetools Connect isn’t just a boon for businesses; it’s a unique opportunity for technology and integration partners to elevate their service offerings — and there's growing interest from partners to join commercetools Connect as we are continually updating our certified, vetted connector list. In a world where seamless integration is a competitive differentiator, partners that align with commercetools Connect enter a partnership of mutual benefits, providing quicker, more efficient services to clients.

One of the big advantages of MACH® and headless architectures is the ability to compose and connect best-of-breed solutions to solve your key business needs. The challenge is that it can require a lot of development time, effort and maintenance, which causes customers to reconsider. The commercetools Connect program addresses this head-on by providing pre-built accelerators to kick-start that process. This reduces time and complexity and allows customers to focus on tweaking to meet their unique needs. We are excited for our Bloomreach Engagement and Discovery solutions to be a part of this program, making MACH architectures more accessible and easier to consume.
Anand Subbiah

Vice President, Technical Alliances & Ecosystem Platform, Bloomreach

With enhanced visibility and a direct route to the expansive commercetools client base, partners within the commercetools Connect ecosystem are able to leverage this product’s capabilities to streamline their offerings, attract new clients and deliver unparalleled value. 

Get started

As eCommerce continues to surge, businesses must make strategic decisions that infuse their online endeavors with speed, security and resilience. commercetools Connect stands as the pinnacle of this approach — a low-code/pre-built integration solution that not only connects systems but fortifies them, ensuring that businesses go beyond just being present in the digital space, but are successful within it. It’s an investment in the future, a commitment to excellence and, ultimately, a gateway to success, either as a client or a partner.

If you're interested in learning more about commercetools Connect, contact us today.

Ovidiu Cobzaru
Ovidiu Cobzaru
Product Marketing Manager - Technical Infrastructure & SI Alliances, commercetools

Ovidiu Cobzaru is a Product Marketing Manager focusing on the infrastructure of commercetools. Previously, Ovi held various marketing and enablement roles at multiple Forbes Top 20 technology companies. Today, he enjoys implementing a mix of technology and marketing initiatives to support a composable commerce future.

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