How AI is being used by commercetools Foundry

Your road to composable commerce simplicity: commercetools Foundry's AI-powered developer assistants

Mary Rebecca Harakas
Mary Rebecca Harakas
Senior Product Marketing Manager, commercetools
Published 14 March 2024
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionize every industry it touches and commerce is no different. So it's only natural that we've jumped in on the action by defining a GenAI (generative AI) enablement strategy, as well as by leveraging GenAI in our breakthrough offering, commercetools Foundry

How AI is being used by commercetools Foundry

GenAI at commercetools

commercetools is spearheading a pragmatic approach toward the application of AI, and by extension, GenAI, emphasizing practicality, meaningful impact and robust security measures. Far from just offering GenAI as a product, we position ourselves as a facilitator, committed to exploring and uncovering its full potential in a way that resonates with the real-world needs of businesses. Our growth strategy for GenAI lies in principles such as open access to information, robust APIs and cloud-native architecture, ensuring that the integration of GenAI remains seamless, scalable and secure.

Right now, our sights are set on accelerating implementation processes, with specific use cases including, code generation, interactive documentation and the development of plugins for sharing product catalogs. This hands-on, exploratory approach reflects our dedication to utilizing AI in a way that not only boosts efficiency but also elevates the functionality of our offerings. 

By concentrating on practical applications and meaningful advancements, we are positioning AI as a crucial part of our strategy, especially within the context of composable commerce, which provides the best foundation for the integration of GenAI.

Our blueprint for B2C retail

We get it: As retailers, you want to reap the benefits of the best commerce solution — composable commerce — right away. Yet, the journey to composable commerce is not always a straightforward one, especially if you're entangled in complex monolithic systems. That's why we developed commercetools Foundry — to provide a clear and actionable pre-composed solution for B2C retail. 

By bringing together comprehensive blueprints, store launchpads and expert services, commercetools Foundry acts as the key to easily and quickly unlock the composable commerce doorway, enabling businesses to accelerate implementations by 30%, reduce costs by $500K+ and expedite decision-making tenfold for companies of any size or digital maturity.

commercetools Foundry's AI-powered developer assistants

A standout feature within the commercetools Foundry ecosystem is its AI-powered developer assistants, the Docs Assistant and Code Generator, designed to simplify the entire implementation process for your engineering team. 

Our Docs Assistant serves as a mentor, providing a fully conversational interaction with our documentation to expedite the onboarding process and ensure a thorough understanding of the commercetools platform. Functioning as a language-fluent guide, it guarantees a smooth learning curve for your team as your "first contact" point. This tool can answer queries ranging from choosing the optimal pricing approach for your business case to configuring discounts using the right API — and everything in between. So, you can say goodbye to manual searches: The Docs Assistant is here to offer precise answers at your fingertips, making it an invaluable resource for understanding commercetools.

Now, let's talk about the Code Generator, an essential tool for developers. If they need demo code for tasks such as creating an API client or creating cart modifications, this AI tool generates the code they need in seconds. Plus, your teams can get hands-on with commercetools APIs in no time, turning tricky tasks into a cakewalk. All of these advantages result in considerable time savings when it comes to implementation, as well as boosted developer productivity and efficiency.

As part of commercetools Foundry, these AI-powered developer assistants enable your team to jumpstart their usage of commercetools products and APIs. This not only facilitates a smoother onboarding process but also expedites your composable commerce journey, ensuring a quicker time to value.

Want to get started on your composable commerce journey with commercetools Foundry? Contact us today.

Mary Rebecca Harakas
Mary Rebecca Harakas
Senior Product Marketing Manager, commercetools

Mary Rebecca is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at commercetools, focused on B2C. With over a decade of experience across product and marketing teams, she excels at crafting GTM strategies and positioning products to drive growth and deliver value.

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