We know many of you need to make critical decisions about your eCommerce tech despite cancelled events and travel disruption. That’s why we’re bringing our ideas to you in webinar format in 2020.

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Virtual Showroom

We're beyond excited to announce commercetools' first-ever virtual showroom! Unlike two-dimensional downloads, our showroom is an interactive experience that puts you at the center of modern commerce.

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It’s almost time for Modern Commerce Day! This is your chance to meet the MACH movers and makers

16.06.21 in Online

Key Takeaways of the Modern Commerce Trailblazers in one Place

About the Report

Meet the MACH™ movers & makers

Modern Commerce Day, the next-generation commerce event of the year, was a resounding success! More than 1200 attendees worldwide joined over 40 Speakers across nearly a dozen industries to overcome the “commerce possibilities chasm” and be inspired to push the global commerce economy forward.

For those of you who attended and want more as well as for those who didn't manage to join the event this time, we’ve created this easy-to-read report that offers you remarkable takeaways from the event. From impressive statistics to motivating stories of the big players in eCommerce, this report will give you a sneak peek into what makes the Modern Commerce Day an essential event.

“What if it’s not only about the technology, but it’s about allowing your organization to collaborate around the opportunity of this new technology?”
– Tina Lykke Kristensen, Senior Digital Manager, Nonfood eCommerce, Salling Group

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Cione atSistemas webinar

16.09.21 in Online

Spanish Business Talk: Cione's migration to commercetools

Planning a migration of your eCommerce technology? This business talk will give you insights how a change in technology is approached on the successful example of the Spanish optical company Cione.

Together with our Spanish partner atSistemas, we’ll provide you all the details from inside! In particular, what motivated Cione to change its technology, which factors were decisive in choosing commercetools, how it finally worked out, what has been the greatest success of the project and much more.

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META Festival commercetools

23.09.21 in Online

Hybrid Event: META Festival

Whether you’re a digital pioneer, an aspiring talent, or a tech pro, the Meta Festival provides you a place to learn, connect and marvel! Gain and share your knowledge with like-minded people to keep in time with current tech & martech trends.

What is more, commercetools provides an astonishing masterclass to help your business flourish! Together with our customer Emma Matratzen we'll give you insights on the Emma’s innovative business and delivery model, how perfectly the commercetools technology is supporting Emma’s eCommerce experience, as well as the challenges already overdone and future ambitions of Emma & commercetools tandem. 

Using the code "METASPONSOR20" you can get some discount.

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