San Diego, USA - February 7, 2024

Walk the Future of Retail in San Diego

Join industry experts Kelly Goetsch, Chief Strategy Officer and Jen Gardner, VP Sales, at Westfield UTC San Diego for a guided tour that explores how top brands are leveraging technology to deliver engaging digital in-store customer experiences.

Walk the Future of Retail in San Diego

What’s Now + What’s Next

Exploring Omnichannel Commerce Possibilities

Walking the Future of Retail is a fantastic opportunity for you to connect with other like-minded business leaders on a curated tour of San Diego’s top retailers. 

Get hands-on experience with the next generation of smart glasses — a Meta & Ray-Ban® collaboration, now integrated with livestream and AI technology — as well as witness Lego® sets with 250+ pieces come to life on screen plus so much more. 

With your commercetools’ guides and store personnel on hand to share their expertise and answer questions, you’ll also gain unique insights into what the future of retail looks like — a world where technology merges physical and digital channels to deliver connected experiences that delight customers and deliver business results.

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Read The Future of Retail Walking tour explores how brands leverage technology in-store to engage customers and drive revenue for a recap of our last event, held at Minneapolis’ Mall of America.

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Walk the Future of Retail

Join commercetools on a walking tour of San Diego’s Westfield UTC to experience how top retailers are delivering innovative in-store experiences.

San Diego
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  • 11 AM - 2 PM
Walking Tour

- Ray Ban
- Kiehls
- Peloton
- Lucid Motors
- Lululemon
- Lego
- And More!

*please note: stores are subject to change

  • 2 PM - 4 PM
Networking Happy Hour at Din Tai Fung

About the Speaker

Speaker Kelly Goetsch
Kelly Goetsch
Chief Strategy Officer, commercetools

Chief Strategy Officer at commercetools. Technologogist, author of four O’Reilly books, owner of three patents and cofounder / former chairman of The MACH Alliance. Dedicated to promoting microservices-driven, API-first, cloud-native, headless, MACH architecture.

Jen Gardner
Jen Gardner
VP Sales, commercetools

Jen is an eCommerce veteran who has worked on the brand, consulting and platform side of the business. She has worked with great brands like Nike, Levi’s, Nordstrom, Kaiser Permanente and Amazon and loves helping companies digitally transform their business. She is passionate about commercetools and MACH.


San Diego, CA

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