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Headless Commerce


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“commercetools is particularly strong at innovative use cases, like conversational and social commerce, so that a client can “plug in” newer commerce features that are independent of the front-end interface” – The Forrester Wave™ 2017

What is a Headless Commerce Solution?

A headless commerce platform is responsible for all backend processes, calculation and data storage. It exposes all of these data through a flexible commerce API. This makes it possible to attach all kinds of frontends (“heads”) from standard webshops and mobile devices to voice assistants and car commerce scenarios.

Benefits of Headless Commerce

Flexibility: Full control of the frontend, without having to adhere to rigid structures laid out by the software vendor

Speed & Agility: Experimenting and A/B testing new features fast without jeopardizing backend stability

Increased performance: Different touchpoints have different scaling needs, so separating frontend from backend functionality improves customer experience and is budget-efficient

Customers who are using our headless platform

Bang & Olufsen


Highsnobiety Case Study



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