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About NU Logic

NU Logic is one of the first implementation partners for Commercetools, with more than 10+ Commercetools implementation experience, 22+ Trained resources, and 12+ Certified developers in Commerce tools. With a global presence in the USA, Canada, India, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, India, Spain, Portugal, and South Africa we can deliver top-quality, cost-effective solutions for our global customers. 


NU Logic offers e-commerce development services as well as e-commerce website design, either using globally recognized platforms or as custom developments to meet the specific needs of our clients. We’re experts in the development and design of mobile e-commerce applications and solutions to provide e-commerce users with the best user experience.

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    Solution Partner / Systems Integrator

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  • Offices
    • EMEA
      Spain, Portugal
    • Americas
      United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica
    • APAC
      Australia, Singapore, India

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