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Analyst Report

Delivering Shopping Journey Excellence Through Next-Generation Commerce in the Middle East

by IDC and sponsored by commercetools

Delivering Shopping Journey Excellence through Next-Generation Commerce in the Middle East

About the Analyst Report

An introduction to the rapidly evolving retail landscape and customer expectations in the Middle East.

Shoppers' expectations are changing quickly in the Middle East, with customers becoming increasingly demanding in the past few years. As a result, online retailers must keep up or risk losing business to their more tech-savvy competitors. The best way forward is an eCommerce system that operates with agility, flexibility and personalization across multiple touchpoints. 

In this analyst report from IDC and sponsored by commercetools, you'll learn why headless commerce enables unique shopping experiences for frictionless customer engagements and speedy responses to fast-moving trends and customer expectations. We also share how retailers in the Middle East can benefit from commerce solutions that are cloud-native, microservices-based and API-first, which result in greater business agility, faster time to market, auto-scalability and better ability to innovate.

Key Takeaways

  • What you need to know about shopping patterns, key statistics and customer needs in the Middle East.

  • How headless commerce powers multi-channel eCommerce to "meet customers everywhere."

  • Why modular architecture is crucial to building the best commerce fit for your business.


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