best of commercetools 2021 booklet

Best of commercetools 2021

by commercetools

Best of commercetools 2021 booklet

About the Booklet

From limitless commerce possibilities and beyond

The year 2021 will go down in commercetools history as being a time of record-breaking expansion and innovation in every one of our business fronts. Our team, for example, grew to include more that 350 talented colleagues across the globe. Our partners now benefit from a stronger partnership with us thanks to our new Partner Possibility Program. Our customer base is growing exponentially and now includes even more global brands, such as Lululemon, Porsche, H&M and L.L. Bean. As for our product offering, it has never been better, as we now offer a portfolio of products including the frontend-platform solutions from Frontastic. All of these are just a few of our many highlights.

Relive our most brilliant and triumphant moments of the year in our Best of commercetools 2021 booklet! And make sure to brace yourselves, as the year 2022 will continue being full of limitless commerce possibilities.

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