Webinar MARS: Driving M&M’S CX & growth with a Build & Buy approach
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MARS: Driving M&M'S CX & growth with a Build & Buy approach

MARS: Driving M&M'S CX & growth with a Build & Buy approach

About the Webinar

Join our webinar on tackling the Build vs Buy debate in commerce with thought leaders Kyle Barz, Director, Global Retail & eCommerce Technology at MARS and Casper Rasmussen, Global SVP of Technology at Valtech. Leaders from Akeneo and commercetools also join the conversation to share insights on how to add value to every part of the customer journey with the help of technology.

Key Takeaways

  • Why the build vs buy dichotomy is a false choice

  • How to plan your digital transformation journey to boost results

  • How to incrementally move to a modern commerce architecture

  • Why building a new commerce solution from scratch results in new technical debt

  • How to balance time-to-market with cost and risk while driving growth

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About the Speakers

Casper Rasmussen
Casper Rasmussen
Group SVP Tech at Valtech

Casper is the Global business lead for MACH and Composable Enterprise at Valtech, with 18+ years’ of experience in digital technology. He is the elected President of the MACH Alliance, leading the organization’s strategy and Executive Board.

Kyle Barz
Director, Global Retail & eCommerce Technology MARS

Kyle has 20+ years of experience in retail, B2B and D2C and joined MARS when they launched their first eCommerce site. He’s passionate about modern/composable commerce and how they enable Mars to achieve goals for future growth.

Sven van Hegelsom
Sven van Hegelsom
Customer Value Director, commercetools

Sven is a seasoned expert in digital strategy in the Consumer Goods & Retail industry. As Customer Value Director, he articulates how a modern approach to digital commerce drives strategic outcomes for customers in EMEA.

James Barlow
VP UK & Ireland, Akeneo

James is an eCommerce expert with the experience and know-how to help organisations of every shape and size automate and improve their product information management to accelerate their overall ROI. Prior to Akeneo, he worked with the largest companies in the world to increase their online sales and improve productivity.

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