Video On-Demand eCommerce Webinar Series featuring Forrester

by commercetools

About the Video On-Demand

In this Webinar Series featuring Forrester, we’re answering questions around “digital” and “transformation”. We’re showing you why you need an architectural mindset when thinking about competitive sustainability, as opposed to single-point solutions. We’re also highlighting both best and worst practices from companies both enterprise and mid-market across a variety of industries.

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  • Part I – How to Successfully Execute on the Goal of Digital Transformation... Beyond Out-of-Box Commerce Solutions - with guest speaker Bernhard Schaffrik

  • Part II – How Headless Commerce and Digital Competencies Go Hand-in-Hand to Serve Your Customers - with guest speaker Joe Cicman

Key Takeaways

  • Buy only modern apps and suites that are easily adaptable — otherwise, compose.

  • Find more developers.

  • Use headless models to kick-start a digital continuous improvement culture.

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