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Headless Commerce: The secret to a customer-obsessed enterprise

by Dawn Foods, Harry Rosen, Cimpress and commercetools

About the Video On-Demand

Executive Roundtable featuring Harry Rosen, Dawn Foods and Cimpress

When market conditions shift unexpectedly, companies need to be agile enough to think on their feet and adapt quickly. Three leading retailers that have truly embraced the unpredictability of our digital commerce environment and undergone major digital transformations powered by headless commerce are:

Dawn Foods: Global supplier of baking goods and packaged ingredients.

Harry Rosen: Speciality menswear brand based out of Canada.

Cimpress: Global printing enterprise and parent company of Vistaprint.

Key Takeaways

In this virtual roundtable, led by Forrester Analyst Joe Cicman, get first-hand insight from leading technology executives at each of these retailers about: 

  • What their company was like before implementing headless commerce and what it's like now with headless commerce.

  • What sparked their decision to go headless in the first place.

  • What opportunities headless commerce offers that other approaches did not.

  • What advice each retailer would give to companies that are considering going headless or in the early stages of adopting a headless approach.

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About the Speakers

commercetools speaker image Ian Rosen
Ian Rosen
Vice President, Digital & Strategy, Harry Rosen

commercetools speaker image Gireesh Sahukar
Gireesh Sahukar
Vice President, Digital, Dawn Foods

commercetools speaker image Jim Sokoloff
Jim Sokoloff
VP Platform, Logistics Optimization and Operation, Cimpress

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