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Retail strategy and planning series

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The End of Black Friday as we Know it: How Ecommerce Retailers Can Plan for the Unplannable

The hottest Instagram influencer shows off her new shoes and BAM! the brand’s site traffic spikes — without warning. While every retailer prepares for Black Friday and the holiday selling season, it’s the “un-Black Friday” sales — those that happen unexpectedly or as the result of a killer promotion — that can make or break the customer experience.

Fortunately, ecommerce system technologies have changed dramatically in the last five years.  With the tools available today, retailers can take advantage of these sudden sales spikes without sacrificing the speed and functionality that make for a great customer experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Plan for the “unplannable” so that your retail ecommerce offerings are ready for unexpected sales spikes;

  • Dramatically shorten the time needed to roll out promotions or new online features; and

  • The key tech investments for enhancing your ecommerce IT architecture.

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About the Speaker

commercetools speaker image Kelly Goetsch
Kelly Goetsch
Chief Strategy Officer, commercetools

Kelly Goetsch is Chief Strategy Officer at commercetools. He came to commercetools from Oracle, where he led product management for their microservices initiatives. Before that, he was an architect with ATG.

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