White Paper

Go mobile first or lose your customers

by commercetools Frontend


About the White Paper

A kickstart guide to building unbeatable mobile customer experiences, without a design degree.

The term “mobile first” has been around for over a decade now. And yet, up until now, most brands and retailers have failed to really take a deep dive into what it means to create truly customer-centric digital shopping experiences.

With this white paper, we aim to inspire you to start thinking truly mobile first. While it seems to be a daunting task to implement a new paradigm, we've got some quick tips and tricks to get you started. With the right tools and the right mindset, creating truly surprising and amazing eCommerce sites for your customers is no longer rocket science.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn, how to understand your customers' behavior better through user research and interviews

  • Turn insights into real best practice mobile first designs and get some hands-on tips on your design process

  • Use technology to create, build, and constantly optimize your pages

  • Learn, why measuring and iteration are essential on the way to mobile-first experience


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