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White Paper

Google Cloud & commercetools: Prime Example for a Reference Commerce Platform

by Google Cloud and commercetools


About the White Paper

Why Google Cloud and commercetools are the perfect match

commercetools is unique among commerce platforms in that it requires a cloud. The cloud is where extensions and customizations to commercetools are made and hosted. You also need a cloud for building and running your own microservices and frontend(s). commercetools is the only commerce platform that's in the cloud as a first-class citizen, not on the cloud using it just for computer hosting. Commerce platforms that are on the cloud have no access to the underlying cloud and all of the innovation those clouds can unlock.

We at commercetools are multi-tenant SaaS and, therefore, use a cloud in order to run our services. This white paper explains how Google Cloud and commercetools have come together to provide the best platform for your next-generation commerce initiatives.

Key Takeaways

  • An overall reference architecture for Google Cloud and commercetools.

  • How to get data out of commercetools using Google Pub/Sub.

  • How to extend and customize commercetools using Google Cloud Functions.

  • How to build and run your own microservices and frontends(s) using Google Kubernetes Engine and Google Cloud Run.

  • CI/CD tooling, including Google Cloud Build.

  • How to secure and manage your APIs using Apigee.

  • How to accelerate the delivery of your APIs and content through Google Cloud CDN.

  • How to use Google Cloud’s retail-specific APIs.


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