How to migrate from Oracle Commerce Cloud to commercetools
White Paper

How to migrate from Oracle Commerce Cloud to commercetools

by commercetools

About the White Paper

Is Oracle Commerce Cloud preventing your digital growth? Replatform with commercetools.

Though SaaS-based and API-friendly, Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) offers limited custom options for brands that need to differentiate and remain competitive. The core OCC provides a tightly coupled backend and frontend that hinders omnichannel commerce, as updating any functionality or touchpoint is a hassle. Now is the time to migrate to a future-fit solution: commercetools. 

In this extensive guide about replatforming from OCC to commercetools, we show you why migrating from a monolith to a composable solution is a must, and provide a strategy for an easy transition that won't jeopardize daily operations. We also share how you can migrate step-by-step, reducing overall migration costs, development time and organizational disruption.

Key Takeaways

  • How the underlying infrastructure of OCC blocks eCommerce business growth.

  • Why composable commerce via MACH architecture is key to meeting ever-evolving customer demands.

  • Detailed instructions to plan and execute your migration.

  • Customers that outgrew OCC and the benefits they experienced from moving to commercetools.


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