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White Paper

From Intershop to commercetools: Take your B2C commerce to the next level

by Dirk Kerpel, Head of Product – eCommerce at Product League

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About the White Paper

From Intershop to commercetools: Take your B2C commerce to the next level

In November 2021, Intershop announced a new generation of its commerce platform: Intershop N. Existing customers will, therefore, be faced with an end-of-life date on their existing eCommerce architecture, which is three years (as is standard at Intershop). However, Intershop N is not cloud-native: It is a monolith platform made accessible exclusively via the cloud — which does not not offer the many advantages of being truly cloud-native. 

The question for retailers on Intershop is: To what extent does Intershop N allow the creation of unique customer experiences without teething problems? Or would it be better to leverage the benefits of a true cloud-native commerce platform that allows for faster development, as well as better scalability and maintainability by benefitting from microservices and APIs? 

This white paper is intended for retailers using Intershop who want to take their commerce to the next level and are considering commercetools as a better alternative. You will learn how to apply this transition safely, efficiently and, above all, business-sensibly. From a practical perspective, Product League's experts share key points, considerations and best practices necessary for a smooth transition.

Key Takeaways

  • What the current digital landscape looks like.

  • Why monolithic eCommerce architecture is no longer good enough.

  • How commercetools benefits businesses.

  • Steps to migrate from Intershop to commercetools.

  • The 7 best practices for migration.

  • How to keep your digital commerce relevant.


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