The Composable Commerce Migration Guide for B2B
White Paper

The Composable Commerce Migration Guide for B2B

by commercetools

The Composable Commerce Migration Guide for B2B

About the White Paper

How B2Bs can migrate to composable commerce

Today’s B2B digital commerce keeps breaking records, with B2B buyers preferring to discover and purchase products digitally. So, how can B2Bs rely on legacy commerce platforms to meet new customer demands and adapt to constant market shifts? 

If you’re ready to move away from a legacy platform — be it an “all-in-one” or a homegrown solution — this guide shows you how composable commerce gives B2Bs the flexibility and agility to meet customer expectations now and in the future. 

100% focused on the unique perspective of B2B, this practical guide enables you to discover the nuts and bolts of composable commerce, migration best practices for your replatforming project and the steps to help you in this process.

Key Takeaways

  • Why migrate off your legacy commerce platform and an overview of replatforming key drivers for B2Bs. 

  • What’s composable commerce and why it matters to B2B.

  • What to consider for your migration, including B2B-specific features.

  • A comparison of migration options and best practices to get you started. 

  • 6 migration steps from discovery and gap analysis to deployment and continuous improvement. 


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