Multi-cloud Infrastructure

commercetools is cloud Infrastructure agnostic: Power your business your way

commercetools will support your business, wherever your business is, with the scalability, flexibility, security and productivity of the underlying cloud infrastructure.

commercetools Technology Multi-cloud

More uptime, more revenue

Move into a new era of no downtime while catering to an expanding global audience while maximizing the revenue streams afforded to you by using modern commerce.

Join the Composable Commerce Revolution

commercetools MACH multicloud

How can you reap the most benefits with your cloud Infrastructure? Develop faster, scale better, decouple hardware and operation dependencies, secure your revenue

Deploy commerce to more locations to maximize uptime and performance while reaching your customers. Then put the pieces into place faster with standard best practices designed by cloud vendors with businesses in mind.

  • Enhanced performance with server locations across America, Europe, and APAC/Australia.
  • Failover redundancy using different regional server clusters that serve an area.
  • The best level of infrastructure set up and maintained by industry experts and cloud specialists.
commercetools Technology Multi-cloud Develop faster, scale better

Maximum uptime and scalability

Our multi-cloud setup leverages the cloud platforms of GCP and AWS, with support for Azure, to ensure global coverage for you, distributing load and processes across various data centers that let you stay online and scale easily.

commercetools Technology Multi-cloud Maximum uptime & scalability

Better performance

The use of data centers and CDNs across America, Europe, Asia, and Australia means your customers are served by the nearest geographical locale to ensure the lowest latency and highest performance when accessing your commerce experience.

commercetools Technology Multi-cloud Better performance

More benefits of multi-cloud infrastructure

Flexibility with most modern tech

By supporting the 3 main cloud vendors worldwide, we can ensure our platform is completely optimized to work with them – and allow you to take advantage of the cloud-native tools they offer.

Increase security

The reputation of commercetools among analysts as well as the cloud services delivered by GCP and AWS, keep us at the top of our game in security, ensuring your business operations are safe.

Reduce vendor-lock in

commercetools is both programming language and cloud vendor agnostic; meaning you can choose to work with the tech stack that best fits your business needs.

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True Multi-tenant

Leave hardware setup and infrastructure maintenance to our experts and focus on your core business.

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We provide security that does not require version upgrades and is constantly up-to-date with the latest protocols.

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