Composable Commerce Foundry Developer Training

Composable Commerce Foundry Developer Training

Participants learn how to use the Foundry Blueprint, FoundryGuides and Frontend B2C Launchpad to set up an e-commerce experience. Composable Commerce, Frontend, Connect and Checkout products are applied. Using a real-world scenario, participants are defining data structures needed to set up a webshop (like products, categories, discounts) and implement their presentation to the customer in the storefront.

Beginning with incremental enhancements in the storefront, the training continues with modifications of the checkout and the order creation. The storefront is also enhanced with dynamic pages. To learn further customization of commercetools Frontend we recommend attending the Frontend Developer Training instead.

Trainees will then learn to use the features of commercetools Connect to import, export and exchange data (products, orders). Trainees will then also use public, certified connectors to meet further business needs. The development of custom connectors is taught in Java Developer Training and JavaScript Developer Training.

This hands-on training focuses on best practices and leveraging commercetools’ offerings. Tasks are solved using the Merchant Center user interface, the Frontend Studio and an IDE.


18 instructor hours, split into 4 half-days for virtual classroom training (3 days in-person optional for price premium). Ca 45 minutes of “homework” and review tasks per day.

Small group size of 8 persons with a strong focus on hands-on work.

Who should take this course?

Developers on a Foundry based e-commerce project

- Frontend / Web / Full Stack devs
- Solution Architects
- (Technical) Business Users

This course teaches you to

  • Understand the setup of an ecommerce scenario using the commercetools Foundry Blueprint

  • Model basic ecommerce data in composable commerce

  • Use the commercetools Frontend Studio to develop + configure available storefront UI components & pages

  • Use certified connectors to integrate with external systems 

  • Use certified connectors to extend business logic in composable commerce

  • Use and configure commercetools checkout in the commercetools Frontend based storefront

Prerequisite skills

  • Basic Javascript & Web Frontend Development

Course Contents

Coming soon. For further information please contact training @

The training calendar is updated daily. If you do not find an open slot, wish to add a private class or would like to discuss additional, alternative dates, please contact the training department. We will get back to you very shortly.