commercetools and Mirakl partnership announcement

Announcing the miraculous new partnership between commercetools and Mirakl

Diya Bag
Senior Content Writer, commercetools
Published 16 January 2023
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What do you get when you pair commercetools, the leading provider of composable architecture with Mirakl, a top provider of SaaS marketplace solutions? The answer: Amazing omnichannel experiences.

commercetools and Mirakl partnership announcement

Decrease time to market & lower integration costs for your SaaS marketplace

B2B and B2C enterprises, take note. If you’re looking to launch innovative commerce experiences quickly and easily, then we have some exciting news. We at commercetools have officially entered a global partnership with Mirakl. As an online marketplace solution, Mirakl has been chosen by customers across multiple industries to launch eCommerce experiences at the speed they demand.

B2B online marketplaces will account for about 30% of all worldwide online B2B sales by 2024 and B2C ecommerce marketplaces are estimated to generate 3.5 trillion USD in sales by 2024. In other words, now is the time to launch your online marketplace, no matter your business model. Together, commercetools and Mirakl can help manufacturers, brands and retailers launch SaaS marketplaces through robust, scalable, and easy-to-integrate technology while lowering the overall cost of integration and time to market to deploy a brand-new eCommerce system.

As an enterprise leader of global tax technology solutions, Vertex is excited about the recent partnership between Mirakl and commercetools. Online retailers face increased complexity in the management of their digital operations, especially when it comes to tax compliance. Together, our joint solutions provide B2B and B2C enterprises with a market-leading commerce solution that enables retailers to adapt quickly to market changes, all while ensuring compliance.
Bradd Wildstein

VP of Partnerships, Vertex Inc.

Both vendors leverage a composable approach by offering a library of eCommerce APIs that allow you to customize your technology stack, unlocking maximum flexibility as you can expand these building blocks, contract or even swap them entirely for other solutions. You'll be able to select best-of-breed components for your unique business needs, assembling a customized technology stack. Plug, scale and swap components at any moment without affecting other applications or your infrastructure.

In other words, this partnership is a win-win-win for commercetools, Mirakl and the businesses who work with them. You might even say… it’s a miracle!

Mirakl is the only marketplace SaaS platform that empowers both B2B and B2C organizations to launch and grow an enterprise marketplace at scale. Together, we’ll help forward-minded retailers acquire the technological agility needed to thrive in today’s ever-changing commerce landscape. We look forward to working together to transform the way businesses create marketplaces with our market-leading headless commerce approach and Mirakl’s innovative platform.
Christopher Holley

Global Director, ISV Partnerships, commercetools

Already proven partnership

With an established track record of successful marketplace implementations, this official partnership expands upon the work commercetools and Mirakl have already done to improve and create innovative commerce experiences for shared customers, such as NBCUniversal. The media conglomerate was looking to test and trial new digital revenue streams after learning visitors of its multiple media sites wanted to buy products related to their favorite NBCUniversal movies and shows. 

This partnership between Mirakl and commercetools, a true pioneer and leader in headless commerce, offers retail and B2B leaders the microservice-oriented, cloud-native and API-driven technologies that they need to make the most of the marketplace opportunity. We are thrilled to partner with commercetools to empower enterprises with a truly scalable solution that accelerates eCommerce agility and growth.
Art Boyd

Senior Vice President, Growth Partnerships, Mirakl

Aiming to add new brands and products continuously and future-proof its platform, NBCUniversal turned to commercetools and Mirakl to be at the center of its commerce solution by enabling shoppable products directly through dedicated, personalized websites, resulting in the launch of six main sales channels. As the commerce core, commercetools provides cart functionality while Mirakl connects existing marketplaces that sell its products, developing the foundation for NBCUniversal Checkout.

The Marketplace Connector for commercetools and Mirakl

If you're eager to integrate commercetools and Mirakl but need a little help, we have great news: It's easier than ever to get started. The Marketplace Connector for commercetools and Mirakl was created by McFadyen Digital, a top global agency for eCommerce marketplace strategy and implementation, to accelerate the integration between the two systems. Leveraging the standard APIs from commercetools and Mirakl, The Marketplace Connector seamlessly synchronizes data between the two and supports marketplace-specific catalog management, order management and checkout components.


  • Unified solution to manage eCommerce frontends.

  • Shipping options for operator products managed in commercetools and in the marketplace.

  • Products managed in the Mirakl solution.

  • Automated data synchronization between the two systems.

  • Event-driven approach in a serverless architecture.

  • Quick and easy installation without any interruption to existing storefronts.

“commercetools and Mirakl complement each other’s strengths incredibly well, which was the impetus for McFadyen Digital to invest in building The Marketplace Connector,” says Tom McFadyen, CEO and Author at McFadyen Digital. “Pairing a composable commerce dream such as commercetools with the most robust enterprise-grade marketplace from Mirakl creates a formidable stack capable of any combination of first-party, drop ship and third-party marketplace models. The Marketplace Connector provides a great head start with up to 30% time savings over a from-scratch integration. This repeatable accelerator is increasingly in demand as the market becomes more and more aware of this potent combination of solutions.”

With both commercetools and Mirakl in your corner, your business too can launch a scalable enterprise commerce experience that will attract, delight and retain customers across all touchpoints. Want to get started? Contact us today.

Diya Bag
Senior Content Writer, commercetools

Diya Bag is a Senior Content Writer at commercetools. Previously, she has worked as a Copywriter in advertising for a wide range of brands, as well as an Editorial Manager in publishing for magazines and both fiction and nonfiction books.

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